Technology Training Sessions

Paul Neethling (KTCEA Technology Specialist) will be offering 1-hour technology training sessions once a week after school hours for the remainder of the year for those interested. These sessions will cover various technology related topics such as robotics (which is currently underway), 3D printing, Google classroom, and electricity and magnetism.

The locations where these training sessions will take place will rotate weekly between each of the 6 KTCEA schools and the KTCEA admin office but you do not need to travel to the session location. The sessions will be broadcast to all KTCEA schools using the KTCEA Virtual Delivery system. Any preparation required will be indicated within the invitation that is emailed to everyone that has signed up for the technology training session mailing list. There will also be a “Technology Training Session” event in Google calendar which anyone in KTCEA will be able to view on their own Google calendar.

If you would like to request a training session on any technology related topics or wish to be added to the technology training session mailing list, please email Paul Neethling at

Google Classroom

Click here to go to Technology Training Session Google Classroom. 

Enter the following code to join: gbcuru8

If you are having trouble joining the Google Classroom click here for help.