ᑭᑕᐢᑫᓇᐤ ᐁᓂᑐ ᑳ ᓂᐦᐯ ᒪᓯᓇᐦᐃᑳᑌᒁᐤ ᑭᐢᑭᓄᐦᐊᒫᑫᐍᐊᓯᓇᐦᐃᑲᓇ

kitaskînaw înitowi-tîpîyimowin kâ-nihpî masinahikâtîkwâw kiskinohamâkîwasinahikana
KTCEA Common, Consistent Curriculum

KTCEA is developing a Common, Consistent Curriculum that ensures teaching and learning in all schools and grade levels is consistent and grounded in Cree language and culture, local Cree ways of knowing and being, and land-based learning.

This work is guided by the KTCEA Land-based Learning Advisory with Elders and representatives from each Nation.

This curriculum enhances provincial programs to ensure our students know and take pride in who they are as First Nations people.

Four Pillars: Leadership, Storytelling, Land-based learning, and Healing

Lessons and activities are developed from these pillars for each season of the school year: Fall, Winter and Spring.

Read the Grade 1 to 9 Essential Leaning Outcomes here: