Nov 28, 2019 | Events, Training Days

Teachers need to be taught, too!
The KTCEA staff gathered at Clarence Jaycox School for a regional professional development day with special sessions on programs that KTCEA provides to schools. Our day opened with some inspiring words about the importance of land-based learning by keynote speaker Dr. Kevin wâsakâyâsiw Lewis.
The sessions were as follows:

  • Traditional Games with Deen Flett and Bill Sewepagaham;
  • Cree Language and Culture with Jason Bigcharles, Delores Cox, and Audrey Anderson;
  • Speech and Language and Early Childhood Learning with Theresa Brown and Wendy Calahasen;
  • High School and CTS with Gwena Cunningham and Paul Neethling;
  • Literacy and Numeracy with Emma Anso and Tedmann Onyango; and
  • Operations and Maintenance with Marvin O’Brien and the O&M Specialists.

Thanks to the teachers, educational assistants, administrative staff, O&M staff, cooks, and all others who made this fun, creative, and informative day of learning possible!